Chamomile is an herb that has had many uses. I personally love this herb and it is one of my top favorite herbs to use.When using chamomile there are two main parts that are used. The flowers are used but the leaves of this plant may be also.

The two main types of chamomile you will see out there areEnglish Chamomile and Roman Chamomile. Chamomile’s scientific name is Chameamelum noblie. False chamomile is said to refer to the German chamomile who’s scientific name is Matricara recutita. German chamomile can still be used but note, “it is sweeter and has a higher amount of glycosider than the original”.

Chamomile is a sweet scented herb with a scent reminiscent of apples.

Safety Note:

Some people can be allergic to chamomile. If you get itchy eyes or any type of allergic reaction after using chamomile, please discontinue the use of this herb.


Chamomile was known as the plants physician because it was said that chamomile cures whatever aliment the plant near it suffered. Chamomile was once known as Antemis nobilis for its scientific name but this has changed.Chamomile has originated from Europe and Western Asia since ancient times. It was highly valued by the Egyptians, Romans and the Greeks. Both the Egyptians and Romans used this herb in teas, salves, creams and incenses. The Egyptians often prescribed Chamomile as a cold remedy.

Key Components:

Chamomile’s key components are azulene and other volatile oils. Chamomile has flavonoids, tannins and bitter glycosiders. Chamomile also has salicylates and coumarins. Chamomile also has calcium, magnesium and phosphorus in it.

Healing & Other Uses:

Chamomile is approved in twenty six countries to treat conditions ranging from colic, indigestion, muscle spasms, inflammation and infections.Chamomile flowers are rich in azulene, “a volatile oil which has a whole range of active proprieties that serve as an anti-inflammatory and an anti-fever agent”. Chamomile has been used to help treat inflammatory conditions such as arthritis.Recent studies have supported the effectiveness of chamomile for cold prevention and to help one fall asleep.

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