Crock-pot Mushroom Chili

Kidney beans are a excellent source of soluble and insoluble fiber. Kidney beans have only zero point two grams of saturated fats and about two thousand five hundred and eighty seven milligrams of potassium. Kidney beans have zero milligrams of cholesterol and about fifteen point one milligrams of iron. Black beans have zero grams of saturated fat and zero point one grams of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fat.


One organic onion-chopped

Two cans of organic kidney beans

One can of black beans

Two cans of organic diced tomatoes

Two cans of organic mushrooms

One can of chili beans

(this is kidney beans with chili seasoning added to them)

One and half cups of water

One half teaspoon of onion powder

One half teaspoon of garlic powder

One package of chili seasoning mix

(Your choice)

How to make:

In a crock-pot pour all your ingredients. Mix together and put on high for three to four hours. Then turn off your crock-pot and let it sit for about five minutes. If you are making this before your going to work, then put the crock-pot on low and by the time you come home your chili will be done. Just remember your basic kitchen safety.

Prep Time: Ten minutes

Cook Time: On low all day cooking-On high three to four hours

Serving Size:One Serving

Tip: You can use fresh mushrooms in this recipe if you like.

If you make this recipe please tag me in your social media posts on Facebook @theholisticglen . I would love to see pictures or video if you do make this.

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