Elder is a bush tree. Elder has many botanical names such as Sambucas-Nigra, Sambucus Nigra Spp. Cerulea, and Sambucus Nigra Spp. Canadensis.

Elderberries and Elderflower are safe to use with kids. Elderberries have a sour taste.Elderberries and Elderflower are commonly used to treat colds and flu as well as to support the immune system before you get sick.

Safety Note:

When making your elderberry syrup make sure that you strain it well, since Elderberry seed can cause nausea to some degree. Do not use the Elder such as the stems or leaves. Any other part of this plant other than the berries or flowers can be toxic to consume and will cause extreme nausea. Do not take Elderberries or it’s flowers if you are on Theophylline (TheoDaror) or any drug that suppress the immune system.


Elder has a long history. It has many folklore stories attached to it. There are to many to get into in this post. Elder has been used in Europe, Northern Africa, Asia, and the Americas. Elder seed has been unearthed in prehistoric sites in Europe. It would seem that Elder was being consumed during the Magdalenian Ear. This is (9,000 to 17,000 years ago).In Ireland this bush tree was considered to be scared.Hippocrates also famously used this herb. The Iroquois made a tea from elderberries to treat measles and headaches. The Cherokee used this herb to make a tea from the plants berries to help treat boils and rheumatism . They also made a salve for the berries to treat burns.

Elder flowers have often been used to make poultices to ease pain and reduce inflammation. In 1995 when Germany had there Panama Flu Epidemic they used Elderberry juice to treat the sick. Because of this, the German Commission E (Germen FDA) approved Elderberries for the treatment of coughs,bronchitis, flu and colds.

Key Components:

The key components in Elderberries are flavonoids, Vitamins A, C and B-6. Iron and calcium. Anthocyannroins and tannins. The key components in Elder flowers are flavonoids, chlorogenic acids and anthocyannroins. Elder flowers also have the same Vitamins that Elderberries do.

The properties of Elderberries are antiviral and anti-inflammatory. Elder flowers have antiviral, nervine and relaxant properties. Both Elderberries and flowers are rich in antioxidants. Both help to support the immune system.

Healing & Other Uses:

Elder helps to support our immune system to fight off viral invaders like the cold or flu. Both Elderberries and Elder flowers help to relieve cold and flu symptoms. They can both be used to help clear mucus. Elderberries have receptors in them that help to block viruses from gaining access to our cells and reprogramming them to make more virus.

Elder flowers act as a natural antihistamine and can be used to treat allergies. Both elderberries and Elder flowers can be used as a diuretic.Elder can also been used to help treat fever and ear infections. Elder has also been use to treat chest conditions in the past.Elderberries and Elder flowers can both be made into teas, syrups and tinctures. Elder flowers can also be used in creams, poultices and infused oils.

The dosing for Elderberry syrup or anything made from the berries or flowers is to take one teaspoon, once a day or every hour as needed. Take one teaspoon once a day to help support a healthy immune system during cold and flu season.

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