Glenna’s Likes

Glenna’s Likes

These are products that I love to use!

Some links are affiliate links.

This means that I make a small amount of money when you make an order.

Personal Care Products and Household Products:

Dessert Essences



Thayers Natural

Schmidt’s Naturals

Seventh Generations


Pacifica Beauty

Flower By Drew

Mineral Fusion


Rachael Ray Cookware

Pet care:



Jackson Galaxy Shop


Wellness Pet Food

Health Products:

Lets Get Checked– At Home Health and Wellness Tests. Use code HOLISTIC to get 20% off your order

Joshua Tree They healing salve for you and your pets”.

Paper Street Soap Co-“They made a bug spray to put on yourself. It works” You can find this a Mountain Rose Herbs”

Wild Carrot Herbals

Ojas naturals” They have an anti-itchy spary for oak/ivy. They also many anti-itchy spray’s for your pet”.You can find this a Mountain Rose Herbs”

Diva Cup


Aura Cacia

Health Apps:

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