Gluten-Free Chicken Gravy

This gluten-free chicken gravy is an easy recipe that anyone can make. It goes great with the gluten-free biscuits recipe that I have on this blog.

Here is a link to the gluten-free biscuits recipe


Organic chicken drippings

Two-thirds cup of gluten-free all purpose flour

One half teaspoon of garlic powder

One half teaspoon of onion powder

One third teaspoon of sea salt

How to make:

After the chicken has been cooked in an oven. Remove the chicken from your pan with two forked prongs and set on a plate. Pour chicken dripping from your pan into a medium size bowl. Pour your gluten-free all purpose flour into the chicken drippings and whisk until all your flour has been incorporated. Add your garlic and onion powder and then your sea salt. Let the chicken gravy set for a minute. You want your gravy to be able to cover the back of a spoon. This means it does not stick to the spoon but also it doesn’t just run off.

Prep Time: Five minutes

Cook Time: Five minutes

Serving Size:One serving

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