Gluten-Free Chicken Noddle Soup

This is a gluten-free recipe. This is an easy and great recipe to make in the fall and winter. Chicken noddle soup is very good to eat when you have a cold. This recipe has everything in it you need for supporting your immune system when your not sick and help it fight when you are sick. This recipe uses all fresh ingredients.


Three boneless skinless chicken breast- Chopped

Seven Carrots- Chopped

Six Celery stalks-Chopped

One large yellow onion- Chopped

Three large garlic cloves or four small garlic cloves-chopped

One box of any gluten free pasta

One box of low sodium gluten free chicken stock or chicken bone broth

One half teaspoon of garlic powder

One half teaspoon of onion powder

One half teaspoon of parsley

Add about a half cup to one cup of water

How to make:

First, wash and chop all your ingredients. Put your ingredients, herbs and chicken broth, “or stock” into your soup pan or any large pan that you have. On high heat, let your soup come to a boil. Then cut it down on medium to high heat and let cook for about thirty minutes. After, check to see if your veggies are done. You can do this by putting a fork into your carrots. If they are soft, then your soup is done. If your veggies are not done, cook the soup for an extra ten minutes or until the carrots are soft.

If you add the chicken bone broth then this soup will also be great for your gut health.

Enjoy your soup knowing it’s good for your body and your immune system.

Prep Time: Ten to Fifteen Minutes

Cook Time: Thirty Minutes

Serving Size: One Bowl

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