In my blog on herbalism, we will talk about many different topics.There will be herbal recipes on this blog as well. When it comes to herbalism, there are many herbs that are out there for many different ailments. Herbs have been used for thousands of years in many different cultures. Herbalism and the making of medicine is a skill that can be grown by anyone. All they need to have is the willingness to learn about herbs and the patience to learn how to make the medicine. It helps to have the creativity, to take what you learn and make it your own. I can tell you that using herbs and making my own medicine has become a passion of mine. Herbs can be used in many different ways. The types of herbalism I will cover in my blog posts are western herbalism and ayurvedic herbalism. I do use some Chinese herbs that are popularly used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). I will talk about these herbs in this blog, as well.

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