Holistic Health Therapies For Companion Animals

There are many holistic health therapies that can be used on your companion animals. Some of these therapies should not be used on certain animals. In later posts I will go into more detail about these therapies and how to use them.

Their are many herbs and herbal products that can be used on dogs and cats. It is however important to know what ingredients to stay away from. For instance, cats do not like the smell of rosemary.

Aromatherapy is a great therapy that can be used for many companion animals from cats and dogs to rabbits. Essential Oils should never be used with your cats or dog. Cats lack an essential enzyme in their liver to metabolize these types of oil. For cats and dogs I would use Hydrosol in place of essential oils. This is what they call flower water. Hydrosol are an aromatic water that is less concentrated then essential oils. So they are safe for cats and dogs.

Homeopathy can be used on all your companion animals. There are homeopathic veterinaries that you can take your animals to. They can help treat your animals for many different aliments. If you use homeopathic remedies at home, make sure that the homeopathic remedies you are using are of a good quality. Also be sure that you know how these remedies are made.

Cats, dogs and even rabbits can receive many energy medicine techniques. These include acupuncture, acupressure and many other energy medicine therapies such as Reiki and healing touch. These energy medicine therapies are great for both your animals and yourself.

Flower essence is another great therapy that can be used on all animals. Flower essences are used to help with emotional well-bring, mind and body health and can be used in tandem with energy medicine therapies. Just to note, flower essence and flower water are two different things. I will go into more details on this in future posts.

If you want to use acupuncture on your companion animals you will need to get a acupuncturist that practices on animals. You can use the link below to find an acupuncturist for animals or a homeopathy vet. https://www.ahvma.org/holistic-veterinary-organizations/

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