My Top Three Sleep Tips

Sleep is our bodies way of regenerating. As we sleep our digestive system is relaxing and not working as hard. Our body is healing and repairing our cells. New cells are being made. Our hormones are repairing themselves. Our brainattempts to relax and take a break from everything that happened in the day. Our nervous system relaxes and we dip into the parasympathetic nervous system. This is the same nervous system we dip into when we take a walk in nature or do mindful breathing.

As we sleep our bodies are healing themselves.

When we do not go to bed for an extended amount of time or are not sleeping at all, it is harmful to our health. Sleep is very important for your mental, emotional and physical health. It needs to be regular.

You need to be getting eight to nine hours of sleep at night.

You can not make up for lost sleep. I will tell you that any health issue you may have is not made better when your not getting sleep.

Top Three Sleep Tips:

· Drink a cup of herbal bedtime tea.

Do this about an hour and a half before bed. I like to use passionflower and chamomile. You can drink a mix of these with a bit of lavender added in.

· Let yourself have thirty minutes before falling asleep to unwind.

Turn off your TV and your phone. Don’t make your mind over active and let it empty out.

· Have a nightly routine.

Do this routine about two to three hours before you go to sleep. This will help your body know its time to relax for the night. This is also a great time to add in any of your self-care practices.Think of this the same way you decide how to get ready in the morning.

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