Nature Is Healing

When I take the time to just go outside and take a walk in nature, it both calms and relaxes me. Being in nature has many health benefits. Just being in nature in a small way can help to minimize the effects of many different diseases. This is because being in nature helps to both support our immune systems and it affects how our immune systems function overall. For example, “being in nature helps our bodies’ Natural Killer or “NK” cells and the function of these cells”.

Being in nature also has beneficial physiological effects on our bodies. When you take that walk in the woods or a park your sympathetic nervous system is actively being decreased but your parasympathetic nervous system is enhanced. This is your rest and digestion nervous system. This is the nervous system you tip into when you use mindfulness or when you mediate. It helps to lower your blood pressure and your pulse rate.

When you go outside the sunlight that you get has been shown to help boost your mood. Have you ever just went outside when you were feeling bad or scattered brained and felt so much better from just being outside?No your not crazy and this is normal. Being outside in the sunlight in naturereally does make us feel better.

I know when I feel bad, “going outside makes me feel so much better”.If you have a porch or somewhere you can sit when it’s nice outside, “it is a nice way to get some outside time”. If you can, “you can take a walk in the park or in the woods once or twice a week when the weather permits”.

Nature is healing.

So take the time this week and get yourself in nature.

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