The first white blood cells that I am going to talk about is the Neutrophils.Neutrophils originate in the bone marrow. They are the first cells to arrive at a site that has been damaged. Neutrophils are the most common leukocyte, “i.e. white blood cells” in the blood stream.

Neutrophils are granulocytes whose function is phagocytosis. Phagocytosis cells use there plasma membranes to ingest bacteria or cellar debris. At a site that is damaged the Neutrophils immediately begin to clean up the area by ingesting pathogens. They release chemicals that temporarily increase tissue damage and inflammation.

By doing this they help stimulate the immune response.

When Neutophils are in low amounts your immune system is weak and less able to defend itself against bacteria, virus and infections.

Health Tips To Keep Neutophils Healthy:

Eat food rich in Vitamin B-12 like nutritional yeast, chicken, fish, eggs and turkey.

Drink Green Tea.

Use garlic when you cook.

Use herbs such as echinacea, ashwaganha and ginseng.

There are more tips on the White Blood Cells “Leukocytes” Post.

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