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Nutrisense sells a Continuous Glucose Monitor that can help you understand how your body reacts to food, sleep, stress, and other factors in your life. It will analyze in real-time how your glucose levels respond to these things. The CGM is a small device that stays on the back of your arm and monitors your glucose values 24/7 .

To get your own CGM from Nutrisense, all you have to do is fill out the questionnaire on Nutrisense’s home page. It is very easy. This questionnaire took me less then five minutes to fill out. The get started link is right on the home page. When you get through the questionnaire you can pick from a three, six, or even a twelve month plan. They also have a one month plan to try Nutrisense out if you do not want to commit to any of the longer plans. You will get a CGM with each plan. After you order your plan, you will need to download the Nutrisense app. After you do that, you will then have to fill out a health questionnaire. This is to make sure that your CGM is sent to the right person and that they know what your health goals are.

After you get through your health questionnaire, your account will take up to twenty four to forty eight hours to be approved. After that your CGM will be shipped out to the address you have given. After you have filled out the health questionnaire the app will run you through a tutorial on how to use it. If you need to ask any questions you can wright them in the app. Nutrisense customer service representatives are nice and will help you out with any questions you may have or with any problems you are facing. When you get your CGM there is a knowledge center within the app that will walk you through how to put your CGM on. It is very easy to put on. I personally felt no pain at all. The knowledge center will also help you activate your CGM. You will have to wait about thirty minutes to scan your CGM after you have activate it. Make sure you scan your sensor every eight hours. The sensor will scan your blood glucose level every fifteen minutes with out you needing to scan it. The sensor only holds eight hours of data. That is why you need to scan it every eight hours. Scan your sensor when you wake up, before and after you eat and after you do any activities. I would also recommend scan your sensor before you go to sleep at night.

I tried the Nutrisense app for a weak and I wore the CGM for three days in a free trial for affiliates. I can tell you that I learned a lot about my blood glucose levels. Glucose meaning sugar. I enjoyed finding new ways to login my food and drinks, as well as what activities I was doing for the day. I saw how my daily yoga practice affected my glucose levels and how my morning tea affected it. Just a side note, these did not affect it at all. I do not use a lot of sugar or honey in my tea. Nutrisense has a big data base to search from when it comes to adding foods and drinks within the app. I learned in the time I was using Nurtisense that I do not need to worry about high blood glucose levels. That is what I put down on my health questionnaire as a reason for wanting to try Nurtrisense. I was shocked to learn that I have normal but also low blood glucose levels at different times of the day.

The CGM lasts up to fourteen days on your arm. The app will let you know when it’s time to remove the sensor and put a new one on. When it comes to taking the sensor off you may want to have someone help you with taking it off. I had my husband help me because it was not easy for me to get off do to the adhesive. That’s a good thing because that means you do not need to worry about your sensor falling off. I do recommend Nutrisense to anyone who are curious about how their blood glucose levels are and to people who already have diabetes and need to know.

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