Simple Methods To Promote Wellness When Working Remotely

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Although some people have been working remotely for years, thousands (if not millions) more have joined the remote workforce since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to higher vaccination rates, some have returned to in-person work. However, many have found their jobs permanently switched to remote, whether full-time or part-time.

While working from home comes with numerous benefits, there are a few downsides. People working from home tend to be less active and less involved in wellness programs. Thankfully, there are several ways you can promote wellness while working from home.

Dress for Success 

Working in your pajamas may sound tempting, and doing so once in a while is fine. However, it shouldn’t be an everyday thing. The more confident you feel in your appearance, the better you’ll feel overall. After all, mental health and wellness are crucial to your overall health.

The great news is you don’t have to wear formal business clothing. Find clothing that’s stylish, comfortable, and functional. For example, new loungewear is perfect for the work-at-home mom. Find well-made leggings and comfortable tee shirts. Warm socks and a well-fitting bra are also essential.

Take a Real Lunch Break 

Don’t be tempted to eat at your desk. It’s essential to take a real lunch break of at least 30 minutes. If you can manage to take a full hour and savor your meal with mindful eating, that’s even better.

A lunch break is more than a chance to refuel your body — it’s also a time to recharge your mind by stepping away from the computer and phone. Busy parents can take lunch as an opportunity to check in with their children and enjoy their company before getting back to the grind. 

Upgrade Your Office Chair 

If you’re going to spend up to eight hours a day sitting in your office chair, you must choose the right one. Look for one that’s comfortable and supportive. Many people like gaming chairs (like those from Secret Lab) instead of traditional office chairs because they tend to be more comfortable. However, if a gaming chair isn’t your thing, many excellent conventional office chair options are available. 

Find High-Quality Supplements 

Many people take a multivitamin at the start or end of their day. However, people working remotely may find they need more of a boost than a general multivitamin provides.

For example, many remote workers may find they need to supplement with extra vitamin D. Although it’s in some foods, most of the body’s Vitamin D is created when the skin is exposed to direct sunlight. Being inside too much and covering the skin when outside (like in the winter) can contribute to a Vitamin D deficiency.

Another supplement you may consider is vitamin C, which is crucial for immune system support. This vitamin is found in many foods, including citrus. Before taking any supplements, you should consult your primary care physician. 

Promote Wellness While Working Remotely

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Wrote By Eleanor Wyatt

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