T -Cell & B -Cells

T- Cells come from the Thymus.

T-Cells or T Lymphocytes are responsible for a portion of your adaptive immune system. This portion is known as cell mediated immunity. There are several different types of T-Cells.

Regulatory T- Cells help to regulate your immune response.

Cytotoxic T- Cells, “literally cell poison”, kill infected cells and release immune stimulating chemicals.

Then you have Helper T-Cells. These T- Cells help activate the other parts of your adaptive immune system. You could say, these Helper T-Cells help the Cytotoxic T- Cells do there job.

 The last T-Cells we have is the Memory T- Cell. These T-Cells remember pathogens after exposure.

 B-cells come from the bone marrow.

B-Cells are also a part of you adaptive immune system. B-Cells or B Lymphocytes are responsible for parts of your adaptive immune system know as humoralon. This is the antibody mediated immunity. B-Cells fight pathogens by making and releasing antibodies.

There are two types of B-Cells

Plasma cells produce the antibodies to the non-self antigens. These types of B-cells are then relased into the blood stream and bind to the antigens of an infected cell. Some times the antigens will free float on top of the surface of the pathogen to inactivate the antigen all together.

Then you have the Mermory B-Cells that remember the pathogen after exposure.Memory B-cells are stored in the lymph nodes of the body until they are needed.

Health Tips to Keep T-Cells & B- Cells Healthy:

Vitamin C, E and Zine

Eat garlic and broccoli

Eat and use mushrooms

Drink Green Tea

Use herbs like Echinacea and Ginseng

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