The Energetic Body

Did you know our bodies have energetic fields? This energetic field has sometimes been called an aura. This field of energy is a bio-electrical magnetic field. We can see this bio-electrical field when we use an electrocardiogram. This is a recording of the electoral pulses of the heart. The energetic body has been studied for years by scientists and they are still trying to understand it, even today.

The DNA molecules in our bodies are made up of energy. This is a chemical energy but energy none the less. The energies of our bodies fluctuate in vibrations. Our bodies vibrate at different frequencies for many reasons. For example, “While you are sick, your body will vibrate at a different frequency then when you are healthy.”

There are many scientific laws that help us to understand how energy works and how it works in our bodies. There are the Ampere law and the Faraday’s law of inductions just to name a few. I am not going to go into these laws in this post, but let me just say this. These laws are the only reason I believe that science agrees that the human body has energy, irregardless of said understanding.

Our nervous system works off energy. The neurotransmitters and synapses in our brain help to send information from the brain to our body by first making an electrical spark. This spark then travels to my hand and back while I’m in the process of typing right now. There are chemical messages that are being sent from the neurotransmitters and synapses as well. Its all energy at work.

The nerve impulses in our bodies create an energy signal. This energy signal creates it’s own energy field around our bodies. When you hug someone, your energy field and the energy field of the person your hugging come into contact with one another. This happens when you sit next to someone.

Have you ever walked into a room and sat next to a person, knowing something was wrong before either of you spoke or looked at each other? Your energy field is picking up on the energy field of the other person. This person’s energy field is sending off a frequency that your body is picking up on and telling you something is wrong.

Every living thing has an energy field and we interact with these energy fields everyday in many different ways. So be aware.

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