Vegetable Alfredo

This recipe is a plant based version of the chicken and broccoli alfredo. This recipe does have protein in it because of the mushrooms. This recipe is a great source of vitamin c and potassium do to the bell peppers and tomatoes. You will get magnesium from the onions. Onion has been used in herbal medicine for it’s antibacterial properties and cancer-fighting compounds. It can also help to boost digestion.


1 large onion-chopped

1 large green bell pepper- chopped

1 can organic mushrooms

1 can of Italian style diced tomatoes

1 (1lb) box of organic penne rigate pasta

1 glass jar of organic alfredo sauce

½ teaspoon of onion power

½ teaspoon of garlic power

How to make:

Cook pasta as the directions state on the box

Add onion, green bell pepper, mushrooms and diced tomatoes to a medium sized pot and cook on low-medium heat for about six to ten minutes. Cook until you see the onion become clear in appearance.

Once the pasta is done cooking, pour the vegetables over the pasta and stir them in. Add onion and garlic power to the pasta and vegetable mix. Then pour your alfredo sauce over the mix and stir together until all pasta and vegetables are covered with sauce. Serve and Enjoy.

Prep Time: Ten minutes

Cook Time: Forty four minutes

Serving Size: One Serving

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