What is Holistic Pet Care?

Holistic pet care covers everything from diet, to how you treat your pet when they are sick. This would also deal with the kind of vet you use for the types of treatments that you seek for your pet. Yes, there are Holistic Vets out there to take your pets to. However, Holistic pet care starts with the products you use on your pets at home.

My thinking on Holistic care for our pets is, that if humans can use holistic care, then why not use it on our fur-babies. I know my fur-baby Shyla, is an essential part of my family. I want her to have the best care I can provide and live a long, happy life. When she does get sick, I want her to have the best treatment.

A treatment that works with her body, and that does not just treat the symptoms.A treatment that treats the cause of the problem.

Holistic Health Care for people looks at humans as a whole and not just part of a whole. Holistic pet care, looks at your companion animals as a whole and not just part of a whole. Personally, I do not like the term pet because they are a part of our families. I will do my best to not use the term pet in my blog. I will try to use the term fur-baby or companion animal as much as I can.

One book that I would recommend to anyone looking into natural/holistic pet care is The Encyclopedia Of Natural Pet Care By CJ Puotienen.

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