Iced Green Tea With Peppermint

What you will need:

Eight to Nine Green Tea Bags

Four Peppermint Tea Bags

One to Two Tablespoons of honey

One Gallon of Water

A One Gallon Pitcher

How to make:

In a large pot, bring half your water to a boil. Remove your pot from the heat. Put your tea bags into the water and let them steep for five to ten minutes. After your tea bags have steeped, “remove the tea bag and add your honey to the tea in your pot”. Pour the tea into your pitcher and then fill the reset of your pitcher with cold or room temperature water. Set your tea in your refrigerator for three to four hours or until cold.

To serve this tea – Pour tea into a glass and add ice cubes.

Herbal Notes:

Green tea is great for the immune system. Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and these antioxidants have many health benefits. This includes improving memory and helping inflammatory skin diseases, just to name a few. The antioxidant EGCG is one of the most powerful compounds in green tea. This has cancer prevention benefits to it as well.

Peppermint is a cooling and refreshing herb. Peppermint has been used for a long time to help ease digestive upset. It is also used to freshen the breath. Peppermint may also help relieve clogged sinuses.

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