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We have all heard that our gut health is important. It is the health of your gut affects your immune system. Did you know that about half of your immune system lives in your gut. Your brain is affected by your gut. They call your gut the second brain. The gut microbiome performs crucial tasks that our bodies can’t perform on their own. The microbiome in our guts are made up of many different species of bacteria. They are in a greater diversity in our gut than anywhere else in our bodies. Each person contains up to a thousand different species. The bacteria in our guts belong to two groups known as Firmicutes and Bacteroides. We want to have a proper balance of “good and bad” bacteria within our guts. Diet, stress, mental and physical issues can all cause changes to our gut bacteria.

You can test your gut microbiome with the Ombre Gut Health Test.

Ombre is the world’s first gut health company that incorporates microbiome testing with personalized dietary and probiotic recommendations. This at-home test analyzes your feces to target the good and bad bacteria in your gut. This provides insight to treat the root cause of your symptoms with guidance on what foods are best for you and which ones to avoid.

As a Holistic Health Coach I also want to test my gut microbiome. When I ordered my Ombre Gut Health Test Kit, it was easy. They have three options for you. You can just get the test kit or you can get the test kit and one bottle of personalized probiotics that will be sent to you after your test results come in. You can also get the test kit with three months of personalized probiotics. I just ordered the test kit. It was easy to order and pay for it. They do have paypal as a payment method. In less than a week I had my test kit. When you get your test kit, you will have everything you need to take the test. Ombre makes it easy for you to understand what you have to do each step of the way.

Make sure you active your test kit before you send off your sample.

When I was ready to collect my sample, it was easy. It took me less than two minutes to complete. After you collect your sample, you just put it in the bag they provide you and then put it into the prepaid mailing box they sent you with your kit. Mail it off in your mailbox or at your local postal office.

My thoughts on the Ombre gut health are as follows. It’s easy to use. It’s a great test kit to get and see what your gut micobiome is. It shows how your gut bacteria can be affected by your health. I recommend that everyone tries this test. I know I will be having my clients take this test as part of there coaching package with me.

If you want to get you Ombre Gut Health Test Kit, you can use my link. I do make a small commission when you order through my link. If you use it, I thank you very much.

You can get your Ombre Gut Text.
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